Some people actually start skydiving to overcome their fear of heights. It’s not really a very good reason, but in some cases it does work. Fear of heights, or vertigo, only really occurs at lower altitudes. Think about looking out of a window on the seventh floor of a building, that can be pretty scary.  But compare that to looking out of the window of a passenger aircraft 39,000ft above the earth, it’s not the same thing. Fear of heights does not apply in the same way for skydiving. Your brain cannot comprehend how high you are compared to a ladder or a high window.

Here’s something to think about though.  You’ve been in a plane?  Quite a few planes when you go on holiday or for business?  Now imagine being in a place with the door open… Now that’s the kicker.  The door opening is the point when a new skydiver’s heart beats much harder, but for experienced skydivers it means ‘Game on!’