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27 June 2017

Yvette Smal

I have been intrigued with skydiving since I first saw a picture of a person in freefall.  I used to look at photos and save them to my desktop.  I always thought that skydivers were the coolest people on the planet, but never once thought I could be one [...]

12 June 2017

Paul Kotze

I’ve always wanted to learn to skydive.  Since the days of low-res Youtube videos I was hooked, but I never got around to doing it though. And then in early 2017 I promised myself that this is the year that I’ll make it happen – and I did.  And [...]

10 June 2017

André du Preez

André du Preez has been skydiving since 1996, and now with over 5600 skydives and more than 40 hours in a wind tunnel, he coaches freeflying at Robertson Skydive School. André has been coaching freefly skydiving since 1999 and worked full-time as a professional skydiver for 4 years around [...]

26 May 2017

Luke Godfrey

There are some things in life that wish you had discovered earlier, skydiving is one of those things. Learning to skydive could be one of the most outrageous decisions you’ve ever made, but once you’re in the air, the sport improves every aspect of your life. The people you meet, [...]

26 May 2017

Candice-Lee Holder

Since I was about 9 years old I had been telling everyone that one day I would skydive. As time passed and I started becoming an adult I formed this idea that skydiving was only for the elite and not easily accessible, thus the dream just became a [...]

25 May 2017

Leon Laubscher

I’ve been obsessed with flight since I was a kid and did my first tandem at age 12, so in October of 2016 I decided to make my dream a reality and signed up for the first jump course at Skydive Robertson. I went alone not really knowing what [...]

19 May 2017

Reinhardt Fourie

I did my First Jump course (aka FTJ) on 7th January 2017 at Skydive Robertson with Instructor Andre. The course was extensive covering all aspects of canopy control, landing safely, emergency procedures and plenty of drills from climbing out the plane, when the parachute opens, and the landing procedure [...]

18 May 2017

Florian Bohlandt

Consider yourselves warned, all of you!! Once you are hooked you will want to spend every weekend at the drop zone hurling yourself out of a perfectly good plane. The adrenaline pumping through your body during your first jump is unlike anything you would have experienced before. But [...]

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