André du Preez has been skydiving since 1996, and now with over 5600 skydives and more than 40 hours in a wind tunnel, he coaches freeflying at Robertson Skydive School. André has been coaching freefly skydiving since 1999 and worked full-time as a professional skydiver for 4 years around the USA and South Africa, and semi-professionally for many more. His ratings include USPA Coach, AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor, PASA Jumpmaster, AE Coach and holds the PASA PRO rating. At the 2001 World Air Games, he competed as cameraperson for the 1st South African freestyle skydiving team, and was South African Skydiving Champion in Artistic Events seven times; four in freefly and three in freestyle. Still very active in the sport, André coaches, load organises and actively trains as a freestyle skydiver coached by the world champion freestyle team Flynamik members Will Penny and Yohann Aby, with Naomi Kotzee flying camera.